The Dear Hunter-Act III: Life and Death (co-producer, engineer, guitarist) 2009

The Dear Hunter-Random EP No. 2 EP (guitarist, engineer) 2009

The Junior Varsity-EP (producer, songwriter, guitarist) 2002

The Junior Varsity-The Great Compromise (songwriter, guitarist) 2004

The Junior Varsity-Wide Eyed (co producer, songwriter, guitarist) 2005

The Junior Varsity-Cinematographic (co producer, songwriter, guitarist) 2007

Dead and Dreaming: A Tribute to the Counting Crows-Raining in Baltimore (guitarist) 2005

Fast Astronaut-Invisible Sun (produced, engineer, co mixed) 2013

Tom Griffey (producer) 2015

Thomas Nicholas Band (engineer, keyboards) 2015

Johnny Lucas (engineer) 2015

Justin Mauriello  (producer) 2015

Euriah (mixed) 2015

Matt Kennedy (pre production) 2014

Heart and Soul (mixing) 2014

Luna (vocal production, guitars) 2014

Andrew Carter (mixed) 2014

Andrew Vilar (mixed) 2014

Dale and the Zdubs (engineered, mixed) 2013

Shark Week (engineered, mixed) 2013

Tandem (engineered, mixed) 2013

Noah Getz (engineered) 2013

Caitlyn Claudy-See You in Everything (produced, guitars, piano) 2012

Elizabeth Zito (producer, engineer, mixer) 2013.

Pip Moffett (produced, engineered, mixed) 2013.

Atomic Man (produced, engineered, mixed) 2013

The Kick Drums (session guitarist) 2012

Gala (Vocal mixing) 2012

Earth Versus Theia (engineer, producer, mixer) 2009

Chimera Twilight (engineer, producer) 2009

Hungry Tigers (producer, engineer) 2008

LA Burning (engineer) 2008

The Venetia Fair (producer, engineer) 2008

The Readiness (engineer, producer, mixer) 2008

Asleep Inside the Giant (engineer, producer, mixer) 2008

The River Empires (assistant mix engineer) 2008

Draffin (engineer) 2008.

The Rebels (engineer) 2008

Meadowlarks (mixer) 2008

Trains Followed Us (producer, engineer, mixer) 2008

Dorian (engineer) 2008

The Brobecks (engineer, guitarist) 2007

The Cadence (producer, engineer) 2007

His Hideous Heart (engineer) 2007

Vandalia (producer, engineer, mixer) 2006